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About Me

Hello and welcome to Happy Hearts! I have spent years working with geriatric clients in the rehab industry and have long recognized the need for physical activity for individuals in assisted living and memory care facilities. Incorporating music, movement and simple dance, I have found a fun way to engage residents. I also provide Silent Disco parties (up to 14 residents) with use of fun props and headphones, allowing people to completely immerse themselves in the music, with folks responding by swaying, singing, chair dancing and foot tapping, with joy on their faces!
I also provide dementia education and consultation services to families and caregivers as a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner.

Senior Woman Dancing

What I Do

I provide a party in your chair!


50 minute movement/exercise to music $35

50 minute silent disco party $50

Group of happy senior ladies doing coord

Movement Groups-Exercise, dance and fun all done from a chair so anybody can participate.

Silent Disco's-Fun events with headphones that become a party in a chair with fun props such as boas, hats, glasses, light sticks, etc. Music from the 40's, 50's to now. Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift and Doris Day. Something for everyone!

DJ Headphones

This was the best party I've been to in a very long time!


An elderly woman listens to music in hea
Enjoying Music

It's not the song that makes you emotional, it's the people and things that come to mind when you hear it.

Kelly's Treehouse


Hardeeville, South Carolina


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Senior Citizen Exercise Class
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